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The Moving School – Mehler’s support to build a school roof
As an integral part of company’s culture, Mehler Texnologies corporate social responsibility program...

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New label for Mehler Texnologies commitment to the environment

The responsible way in which the company deals with energy and resources, its use of environmentally sustainable materials and its activities related to the recycling of coated textiles have now been bundled by Mehler Texnologies under one all-embracing label.

The Mehler eco-care concept accompanies Mehler products throughout their entire lifecycle, including in the incorporation of ecological criteria in the selection of raw materials, the use of environmentally friendly production processes, the utilisation of recyclable packaging materials and in the company’s participation in the development of recycling systems.

For many years, Mehler Texnologies has been working tirelessly in its R&D department on the use of ecologically harmless raw materials and the ongoing development of production methods that save on both energy and resources. The department bases its works in this area not only on the EU REACH Directive, but also researches and tests substitutions of both ecologically and economically relevant materials. These efforts are accompanied by the permanently improved equipping of production facilities and numerous examples of system optimisation to avoid production waste.

When it comes to packaging and transport, Mehler Texnologies keeps a close eye here too on consideration for the environment and resources. The company uses predominantly recycled materials for packaging, while the establishment of storage facilities in the countries where it has local sales companies ensures not simply just-in-time deliveries for clients, but also reduces transport activities, transport costs and environmental pollution.

Acting responsibly towards the environment and preserving resources is a duty towards future generations.

MEHLER eco-care Brochure

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